YoPages (short from Your Pages) is a free online directory and landing pages for small business, freelances and individuals. 

Many businesses using Facebook Pages or individual profiles to share news and spread  about business. its easy to manage, free. Main challenge on Facebook is to find and search information. Its really hard to find business who provide service you looking for. In most cases people need to ask around and get links in comments. For business owners on other side most posts only visible to your friends only or people you interacted most. To boost any  you need pay for it. 

YoPages idea is provide free online "business card"/single page website without compacted setup,  organize and put businesses in one place, where it can be easily found, by tags, by categories, by area of operation, by community. Owners can simply use form to manage profile and add/change information.

Each profile page has business details such as contact, links to any Social profiles, professional pages, map, area of operation, service description, tabs for media, photos, online video gallery hosted on Vimeo/YouTube, Facebook reviews. 

Owners can add various widgets to page, such as Chat/Messenger widget, For example professional services can add Appointment booking/scheduling directly and accept deposit. For example, Facebook Business page can be embedded in Tab and you can have live feed from your Page right there. 

Our Blog section will share ideas and write about different products that might help you in your business. For example, free but efficient small accounting system that can help you organize and easy taxes by end if the year. Tracking business expenses, mileage became easy with many apps available. 

In addition, we provide a various professional services that might be value for your business as you grow. As Microsoft reseller, we sell and support all Microsoft 365 services, such as whole productivity platform (Office, Email, Cloud storage, Teams,  SharePoint). For more sized and grown businesses we provide consulting and solutions for office cloud storage, remote work, sharing, processes automation (Power Platform) and  reporting (Power BI).  

We also provide design for  single page or landing page website with hosting. Maybe you need temporary landing page for event you organizing and sell tickets? Or simple website that help to make you presence more professional but don't have budget to spend? Again, now it is more easier and doesn't required large investments or time. 

Launching online store or shop never been easier than today. We can help to setup, launch store 


Next steps:

  • Submit own business info
  • Blog section: You can post own blogs to promote business. Make it easy it automatically can be shared on Facebook.